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Our Mission

Know the Past. Build the Future.

At Coba Enterprise Management, LLC, it is our mission to be a staple in the hospitality industry, setting a standard of excellence for our clients and providing software and solutions that empower hospitality professionals in team management, guest service and profitability.

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Our Company

Coba Enterprise Management was founded in 2013 as a partnership between Junifer McCreight, who has over 18 years and many awards in hospitality management, and Michael Brennan, who has over 30 years in software design, specifically maintenance software for the nuclear power industry. This team possesses an inimitable combination of passion and expertise.

Coba Enterprise Management, LLC provides technology and services to the hospitality industry. Our main product is Coba CMMS, a Computer Maintenance Management Software package, specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The concept of smart technology to manage the maintenance of businesses is just gaining traction and while many companies provide generic CMMS packages that can accommodate the hospitality industry, we, at Coba, believe that the hospitality industry needs a specialized program.

Coba has partnered with people who are hospitality experts in their fields, have great first-hand knowledge of the industry and possess the necessary acumen, resources and passion to better the guest experience, and align the Heads and the Hearts of their clients.

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Our Name

Coba was the largest and most powerful of the Mayan city states. Located in northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo, Mexico, it is surrounded by lush jungle and beautiful lagoons. In its prime, Coba maintained control over large amounts of farmland, trading routes and water resources. From all of the archeological evidence, Coba was a desired destination, a leader in trade and commerce practices and an unparalleled civilization...

And today it is in ruins because it was not properly maintained.

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Our Products and Services

hotel software hotel consulting hotel software support


Coba CMMS © is the main product sold by Coba Enterprise Management, LLC. It is a cloud-based, maintenance mobile application that is customized to each individual hotel and reports key performance indicators and preventative maintenance adherence to each management company.

hotel software hotel consulting hotel software support


Coba EM has a collection of on-staff and contract consultants with experience and proven successes in hotel management, sales and marketing, revenue management, back of the house procedures, and food and beverage. We provide on-site training, Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Forms and Documents, Bench Personnel and Opening Teams.

hotel software hotel consulting hotel software support


Coba currently provides weekly, live webinar training to hotel personnel on the use and best practices of Coba CMMS and on performing preventative maintenance on key assets. We have a collection of Help Documents available in the CMMS and our talented Coba Video Production Team is on hand to create training videos for safety, preventative maintenance, housekeeping procedures and guest service success. Coba Customer support and the Coba Development Team are amazing to work with when creating specific reports, implementing new inspections or requirements for your portfolio or assisting with modifications to make the program work for your specific needs.


Our Green initiative

We, at Coba, are dedicated the sustainability of our Earth’s resources and it is our mission to lead our clients toward Green efforts. With the proper use of Coba CMMS, our clients will:

  • Eliminate, or significantly reduce the use of paper
  • Track utility readings and identify spikes
  • Track water temperature readings and identify issues
  • Perform scheduled inspections of backflow, plumbing and irrigation to reduce waste
  • Perform scheduled winterization procedures to reduce waste
  • Perform scheduled building, doors and window inspections to reduce waste
  • Perform scheduled safety inspections to reduce injury and waste
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coba founder book coba founder book

The Strangers In My Beds

Written by June McCreight - COO, Consultant

A hotel is a place people go to embark on a new journey, hide from an old life or take some time to decide where their life may proceed. In any and all cases, hotel guests are enigmas and in some cases, the staff is a little confused also. Throughout this hectic day inside a hotel, with a hurricane on the horizon, mysterious blood spots popping up around the premises, and the sad disappearance of a long-term guest, the normal people prove to be completely insane and the craziest people prove to be the most endearing. In this novel, the stories are all true and the characters are based on real hotel employees and guests. It chronicles what no one imagines can happen behind the scenes of a hotel, through the eyes of a senior manager-- a woman who finds herself to be very lonely in a world surrounded by strangers.

coba founder book coba founder book

The Anatomy of the Feature Model: A Guide to the Lean Model

Written by Mike Brennan - CIO, System Architect

The Feature is a piece of software that is “independent, negotiable, valuable, estimateable, small and testable.” It is a unit of work that meets a specific customer need and can be performed in a single Sprint or an iteration of the Software development life cycle. More than a User Story, less than a requirements specification, the Feature Model is created by the Product Owner to minimize redundant conversation then it is presented to the development team as a request to build. The model itself is designed to be as lean as possible while pulling together just enough information to create the request. This document describes that model.


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