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How Coba CMMS adds $100,000 to your Hotel’s Bottom Line.

While the hotel industry has adopted such technologies as Trip Advisor, Priceline, Medallia, Sales Force, Electronic Key systems and web-based PMS systems, to better enhance their overall operation, the majority of hotel Maintenance Departments are still working with paper. Since the maintenance engineers are the primary caretakers of a hotel’s single marketable product AND improper maintenance of a hotel can cost thousands of dollars per incident, it is vital to any successful hotel operation that property personnel, property management and especially corporate management are able to act, react and interact effectively with the maintenance departments. Coba CMMS is the best new technology to keep your hotels beautiful and profitable, and here is how:


COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in labor costs.

Since all information is in the cloud and may be created and viewed anytime from anywhere, Maintenance personnel will no longer have to come to the front desk to rummage through paper requests, organize paper files, and seek out paper reports. Orders are available on their mobile device no matter where they are working in the hotel, saving each hotel an average of 26% in labor costs.


COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in travel expenses.

The Maintenance department has always been the hardest to manage, budget and control. Coba CMMS’ historical reporting, asset management, and inventory controls provide solid information for optimizing any hotel’s future, applying for refinancing or preparing for the sale of the hotel itself. Viewing all work and reports may be done anywhere, anytime, so corporate- level management will not have to pay for a trip to see clearly what is happening at the site.


COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on new employee training and risk.

Many hotel managers and management companies rely heavily on the knowledge and diligence of their maintenance staff. Because of this, when a staff member resigns the position to a new member, the up-time for training is long and tedious and too many issues fall through the cracks. With Coba CMMS, all records of repairs and schedules for PMs, inspections, and projects are in front of the new Chief, the day he starts his job.

COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on Guest Satisfaction Compensation.

Your guests can easily tell when a hotel is not properly maintained and they are easily upset when requests for assistance are delayed. Auto-scheduling keeps properties running in premium shape and mobile access gets Guest Request orders in the hands of the staff in seconds. As back up, any delay in completing company required preventative maintenance or any delay in responding to a guest request, can trigger Coba notification to the General Manager or even Regional Directors. When your customers are happy, returning to and recommending your hotel, the return on investment is phenomenal.

COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in premature asset decline.

The maintenance schedule is no longer only as good as your maintenance engineer. Coba CMMS will schedule all inspections for a hotel and report to the GM and corporate teams if the inspection is missed. Hotels without regular preventative maintenance fail brand standards, are fined for the failures, experience declines in occupancy, require costly remodels much sooner and end up unexpectedly replacing expensive equipment in as low as half of the predicted lifetime. In worst case scenarios, the neglect can cause fires, floods and immeasurable damage to the entire hotel, with price tags anywhere from $3500 up to $60,000 in one instance.


COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in Injury Claims.

Recognizing the incredible expense of worker’s comp and untimely asset failure, Coba CMMS will schedule and report on Safety Inspections, Staff Safety Reviews, and provide standard routine preventative maintenance protocols for all major assets. Safety Inspections ensure that the hotel is free of hazards and that all un-safe conditions are reported. Safety Reviews will keep the staff well-informed on safe practices and provide the hotel with proof of training should a law-suit arise. Finally, properly scheduled preventative maintenance ultimately protects the staff, the guests and the hotels from possible fires, floods, and injuries that result from faulty equipment.


COBA CMMS will save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in storage and document shredding.

Coba CMMS is built in the Cloud, providing easy storage of all information for up to five years. There is no paper or boxes to store, cycle and shred. And locating the information you need is much easier and less time-consuming.


COBA CMMS brings your management company HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in new clients.

Many management companies will encompass multiple brands and multiple franchises of the brands. Having Coba CMMS will bring a Hotel Management Company Portfolio and all of its brand requirements under one umbrella, creating company standardization that is visible and enforceable across the board. And, with years of maintenance trends and information on asset warranties and failures, Coba CMMS takes the guesswork out of budgeting for your hotel’s future. It is no longer subject to the knowledge or emotions of your operations teams. With every single work order, PM, Inspection and Project—and all of the coinciding asset repairs—being stored in the cloud, it only requires a simple key stroke to create accurate, valuable, comparative and historical reports. Also, with all purchase and warranty data on major assets, predicting the budget for the maintenance department suddenly becomes SMART instead of merely hoping for the best. This high level of asset management will make your management company more attractive to owners willing to pay for your services.


Paper is out.

Coba Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is now providing hotels and hotel management companies with advantages that are greatly improving the bottom line profit, asset longevity, safety standards, customer service scores, and property to management transparency.

The Return on Investment is Unbelievable!

june mccreight author

June McCreight

June McCreight began her career in the hospitality industry as a housekeeper in 1996. In the years since, she has risen through the ranks, learning maintenance, front office, sales and revenue management, property management and district management, bench management and opening team management. She has trained hundreds of hoteliers and won many awards for her management successes. In 2011, June wrote and published, The Strangers in My Beds, a fictional novel based strictly on the strange events of her career in hotels. In 2014, June partnered with her father, a very accomplished software architect, and opened the business, Coba Enterprise Management, LLC with a very unique and specialized CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) software for hotels.

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