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You have made a smart decision to purchase software for your hotel maintenance. Now, make the smartest decision to choose Coba CMMS. Our features are practical, our platform is easy to use and our dedication is unparalleled.


The Coba team of designers, developers and service agents is dedicated to the success of each of our clients. From our first-hand knowledge of the hospitality industry and from listening and responding to our customers’ needs, we have built our program to be practical, comprehensive and easy to use, making Coba CMMS the industry leader in maintenance software.

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Preventative Maintenance

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Management companies traditionally encompass an array of brands, spread out over many regions and states. Coba CMMS raises the bar to ensure that the entire portfolio is performing at the same peak level and allows any member of the executive team to view progress and problems, in real-time, from any computer or smart device. This level of insight gives the upper management the first opportunity to provide assistance, direct toward better practices and cut unnecessary spending.

As executive - level hotel managers, effectively understanding and assisting your hotels from a distance has always been a struggle. With Coba CMMS, you have full access, from any computer or smart device, to real-time and historical information. It keeps you in control, in “the know” and in a position to assist your properties in the most effective way.

So many brands, so many people, so little time….So then there’s Coba:

When your portfolio involves several different brands, under several different franchise companies, it is difficult to manage effectively. Coba CMMS not only allows for specific brand-required inspections and reporting, it also enforces YOUR requirements.

Raise the standard of performance for your entire portfolio of hotels-no matter where they are or what brand they are.

Keeping track while you are traveling:

Coba Gold Hammer App allows all executive - level management full access to important maintenance information right from the phone or tablet. If you are stuck at the home office, trotting the globe or performing a property walk, you have real-time information on current and recent work orders, inspections and PMs, Key Performance Indicators, property vendors and room history reports.

With so much responsibility, it’s nice to have a program that keeps up with all you do!

Key Performance Indicators in Real Time:

Coba Executive CMMS is updated every few minutes with KPIs on PM performance, Work Order Turnaround, Inspection Adherence, Out of Service rooms, and Can’t Fix Items. These KPIs are real-time and available for viewing on the Property Dashboard, the Executive Dashboard and the Executive Mobile Application.

Transparency in business requires current, accurate and honest information.

Five Years of History collected, stored and available for you.

Coba CMMS collects and stores all maintenance for up to five years, easily answering questions of asset deficiencies, where to spend capex dollars and how to best support your properties. Reporting is easy, customizable and available anytime for property staff and asset performance and property budget reviews.

The best indication of what WILL happen is what HAS happened.

If you do not know what is broken, how can you repair it?

The Coba program allows for any asset to be listed by the property team as CAN’T FIX, indicating that they do not possess the time, the knowledge, the money or the approval to make the repairs necessary to return this asset to perfection. This is where YOU come in! With the entire CAN’T FIX list on your mobile app, you can affect real change and assist your properties in real ways.

“If you can’t fix it, feature it.”

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In order to remain a profitable enterprise, preventative maintenance should account for 80% of your entire hotel’s maintenance activities, with reactionary maintenance only taking up the remaining 20%. The Coba CMMS vision aligns with this goal. We schedule and track all Room Preventative Maintenance and Major Asset Inspections, designed to keep your hotel profitable.

Coba CMMS uses your company’s requirements and your property’s inventory and history to schedule and track all ROOM PMs, INSPECTIONS AND PROJECTS. We know that effective and efficient management of hotels can only be achieved by being proactive instead of reactive.

Room PMs: Coba tells how many-You choose which ones:

Coba CMMS auto-schedules a set number of blank Room PMs one time a week. This set number is based on how many rooms the hotel has and how many times the management company requires all rooms to be PMed. Coba does NOT select the room number to be PMed because only the hotel staff knows which ones are occupied or vacant. Instead, Coba provides a color-coded list of all rooms in the hotel so that the staff can easily see which rooms have been without a PM the longest and which rooms have already been completed.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

All Preventative Maintenance is Property-Specific:

Because Coba is set up by each hotel’s specific inventory, the Room PM checklist is an accurate account of all assets in every room. Single Assets can be rescheduled or removed during the PM Approval Process. And if an asset is added anywhere in the hotel, the staff has the ability to add it to the inventory, checklists and schedules, at any time. This ensures that your inventory is always up to date and all assets are being properly maintained.

Accurate and up-to-date inventory makes assessing, refinancing or selling the property easy.

Coba knows when YOUR Annual Fire Inspection is coming

During the initial set up of the program for each of your hotels, Coba Inventory specialists collect actual due dates for all inspections. When an inspection is coming up, the program automatically schedules it for the chief engineer and gives him or her 28 days to complete it. Even a new Engineer will have all of the necessary information to be up and performing on day 1.

It’s bad for business if the Fire Marshall notices before you do that your Annual Fire Alarm test is past due.

Major Assets receive special attention:

Coba’s team of award-winning hotel managers have created preventative maintenance routines for all major assets in the building. Coba CMMS auto-schedules these routines to keep your expensive assets alive longer.

One Air-Handler Unit that has been skipped for routine preventative maintenance could cost your hotel thousands of dollars in damages.

Create your own:

The management team has the ability to create and track their own inspections or projects within the Coba CMMS program. Executive-level management can send a newly-required inspection to the Coba Customer Service team that will be pushed out to all of the properties within 48 hours of the request.

Coba CMMS and Coba Customer Service are diligent in making each program work how you NEED it to work.

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Because of the escalating prices of safety violations and insurance premiums, companies that focus on safety education, require safe practices and implement routine safety exercises will show a significant decrease in RISK, creating a significant increase in PROFITS. We, at Coba, know the importance of risk management and have designed our CMMS to educate the team, schedule safety-focused inspections and report any deficiencies to the management company. It is our desire that all guests and staff may sleep undaunted.

We, at Coba Enterprise Management, understand the risks that are specific to engineers, housekeepers, food preparers, guest service representatives and hotel management. We also know the dangers and the costs associated with employee or guest injury can be astronomical. Risk management and Safety are at the heart of all that we do and offer through Coba CMMS.

Coba CMMS© automatically schedules Safety Reviews to keep up with OSHA standards and to keep your staff members informed and safety-minded at all times. Along with a monthly safety inspection of all risk factors, Coba provides training on safety specific topics. Some examples include:

Bloodborne Pathogens

Right to Know Station

Respiratory Protection

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Hotel Security

And Many More...

Keeping your major assets in peak condition not only saves your hotel from costly and unforeseen repairs, but also keeps your hotel safe and secure. Coba automatically schedules full inspections for every major asset. Some examples include:

Boiler or Water Heater Inspection

Air Handler Unit Inspection

Elevator Inspection

Electrical Inspection

AED Machine Inspection

And Many More...

Coba Consultants are also available for training and risk analysis of your hotels.

“BB&T Insurance, the 6th largest insurance broker in the U.S., understands our hotel clients are managing their businesses daily trying to grow their profit. As their Property and Casualty Insurance Agent, our focus is on managing their risk so they can prevent claims and reduce their direct cost (insurance premiums) and their indirect costs (lost time,re-training, overtime, etc...). It’s great when my clients work with a third party like Coba who has that same goal in mind for our insureds. Their program gives our clients clear instructions to follow and allows better focus on growing their business, while using the tools that Coba already has in place to help them meet their risk/safety management goals. I highly recommend their services.”

Chandler Griffith, Vice President

BB&T-CIC Insurance Services, Inc.

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The amazing mobility of cloud-based technology is critical to the fast-paced and dynamic world of hospitality maintenance. Because Coba CMMS is available on any computer and any smart device, it guarantees a rapid response to customer needs and schedule adherence, with real-time updates and stored historical data. As an additional feature, Coba will also track major assets for repair history, which includes labor cost, vendor repair costs, estimated cost of future repairs and capex budgeting for the future.

mobile hotel software

Your Maintenance team is dynamic! They are always on the move and keeping them tethered to a clipboard behind the front desk wastes an average of 26% of their time. Coba CMMS Mobile app is with them wherever they go and reports on their progress wherever they are.

Access anywhere, anytime:

Every member of the staff has access to Coba Maintenance via any computer, smart phone or tablet and can enter work orders from anywhere. There is no additional cost per person or per work order. With Coba’s unique design of integrating actual inventory, the work order entry is easy and work is easily trackable.

The success of a customer service- oriented business relies on the ability of the staff to perform like a well-oiled machine.

Service Recovery at its BEST:

Work orders are transferred to the engineer's mobile app within seconds of being reported and the entire staff has real-time updates on all work orders. Notes on orders are always available to the front desk personnel and to managers. So when your customers have needs or have a need to know, you and your staff have all the tools to help.

Timely response and accurate information to your guests raises customer service scores.

Keeps your facility efficient:

Coba CMMS eliminates the need for paper. No more tracking down paper work orders, logging in paper binders or lugging around clipboards with tattered reports. Engineers can easily sift through all work orders from their mobile app and report on the status as they are working. The work and the time are logged immediately and available for review at any time.

An average hotel can save $480 per engineer, per month, in labor costs alone, when using Coba CMMS.

Asset repairs are recorded:

Through the work order module, Coba CMMS tracks and reports on significant asset deficiencies. This takes the guess work out of decisions on where and when to spend money effectively. Coba CMMS also tracks and reports on the team’s response time and turnover time.

"The price of light is less than the cost of darkness."

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Your career in the hospitality industry is demanding, perpetual and many times a practice in effective juggling. We know that the decision to sign up with Coba CMMS is an investment of your time, energy and money, so we want to put your mind at ease. We have answered the most commonly asked questions and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Page or call us directly.

1)    How do I get started?

After you sign up with Coba, we need a list of all hotels in the portfolio. Our inventory teams take over from there, gathering information from the sites on room listing, personnel, inspection dates and major asset inventory.

2)    What is the process for setting up a hotel?

Once the inventory team has collected all information from the site, we organize it and enter it into the program so that each program is unique to the individual site. We set up room preventative maintenance schedules and inspection schedules for you and then schedule a 30 minute, live, on-line training session with the staff.

3)    How long does it take to set up a hotel?

Once we have collected all of the necessary information, it takes less than 72 hours for our Coba Inventory Team to set up and schedule training for the property.

4)    How much does it cost?

There is a one-time charge for set up of each hotel and this will vary depending on the situation. After training is completed, the only fees are the Monthly Maintenance Fees, which averages $250 per hotel. Please contact us for customized pricing for your hotel.

5)    What is included in the monthly cost?

Each program comes with unlimited users, unlimited work orders and unlimited training. All upgrades sent during the life of the contract are also included. Once you decide on the features you wish to have, your monthly maintenance fee will not change for the duration of the contract.

6)    Can we make changes after the program is running?

Absolutely! Coba CMMS allows for additions and deletions of assets at any time and our Coba Support Team is on call to help with any changes you need along the way.

7)    How long is my information stored?

Coba CMMS stores up to five years of information on asset repairs, inspections, room history and all preventative maintenance.

8)    Is Coba just for Preventative Maintenance?

Coba automatically schedules all preventative maintenance for rooms, major assets and common areas and is specific to each hotel’s inventory or schedule. It also allows for work orders, projects and checklists to be manually entered anytime you need them.

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