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Turn any Hotel Stay into a Romantic Getaway

Whether you are booking a romantic Valentine’s Day or celebrating romance for your own reasons, there a many ways to convert any hotel room into a romance room. Sometimes, the destination provides all of the romance you will need. But if you just want a simple evening away from home, you can reserve a room in your own home town and jazz it up.

15 Tips to turn any Hotel Stay into a Romantic Getaway

1. Bed and Breakfasts are always a great place to start as they are, by design, more intimate.

2. Look for hotels with a restaurant or bar, so you can enjoy the entire evening without having to drive.

3. Look for hotels with a fire pit in the courtyard or fireplace in the lobby.

4. Look for a hotel with an indoor pool and spa. This is a wonderful, romantic way to wind down an evening.

5. Make sure your room has a mini-fridge so that you can store some drinks and snacks.

6. Look for a hotel with Smart TV, so you can binge watch your favorite shows, or play the music you like to hear.

7. For some hotels, business travelers are their staple, so weekend occupancy and rates might be lower. It may be an opposite situation in your home town so don’t feel limited to a weekend getaway. In some cases, mid-week stays are more romantic and less hectic.

8. Check in time for most hotels is at 3pm. Check in early, so you can prepare the room with everything romantic: Flowers, chocolates, champagne, glasses, chocolate covered strawberries or rose pedals. Go easy on the rose pedals…housekeepers have enough to do.

9. Set up the room with battery-powered candles. This way the room is lit romantically for your official arrival and there is no risk of fire. Do not light them all at once…these tend to have a short battery life and it is best to stagger the effect.

10. If you cannot get to the hotel early, have the flowers, chocolates, etc., delivered to the hotel that day. The staff will hold it for you or, if you call and ask, they may deliver it to the room for you.

11. Let the front desk know about your special occasion. They may have something special they can add to it.

12. Put a set of Post-It notes and a pen on each nightstand. You can spend the evening writing down your favorite memories and reasons you love each other and post them all over the headboard.

13. Live like a tourist, even if this is your home town. Check the local visitor’s bureau for “Things to do” and try something you have never done before.

14. Call in Uber Eats, so that you do not have to leave the room.

15. If you can, book the room for more than one night, so that you are not in a rush to leave.

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June McCreight

June McCreight began her career in the hospitality industry as a housekeeper in 1996. In the years since, she has risen through the ranks, learning maintenance, front office, sales and revenue management, property management and district management, bench management and opening team management. She has trained hundreds of hoteliers and won many awards for her management successes. In 2011, June wrote and published, The Strangers in My Beds, a fictional novel based strictly on the strange events of her career in hotels. In 2014, June partnered with her father, a very accomplished software architect, and opened the business, Coba Enterprise Management, LLC with a very unique and specialized CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) software for hotels.

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